The UASB Reactor from CNP Water, is an Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor designed for the anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater.

CNP Water’s UASB reactor has the following key features to achieve superior performances:

  • Precondition the influent wastewater by temperature, pH adjusting and homogenizing with recycling stream
  • Constant feeding rate into the UASB reactor
  • Evenly distributed feeding wastewater at the bottom of the reactor
  • Suitable up-flow velocity to retain the sludge bed and stimulate the mass transfer in the reactor
  • Modular design of the three-phase-settler to retain active granular sludge in the reactor, and to achieve low SS in the effluent
  • Effective starting-up strategy to achieve sludge granulation in the first three months
UASB Reactor from CNP Water
UASB Reactor from CNP Water
UASB reactor from CNP Water 2
UASB reactor from CNP Water