Biogas Clean

CNP Water offer biogas desulphurisation / H2S scrubbing solution for small to medium sized AD projects. It removes hydrogen sulfide H2S from biogas via the combination of Biological H2S Oxidation  & secondary Iron Sponge Dry Scrubbing. The biological oxidation of H2S is the primary treatment to remove 85 to 95% of H2S in the biogas. The secondary dry scrubbing by iron sponge can guarantee a very low remaining H2S concentration in the biogas, e.g. < 50 ppm. This highly efficient H2S scrubbing unit can greatly reduce the maintenance cost for CHP gen-set, steam/hotwater Boiler.

1. Biological H2S Oxidation, Primary Removal 

With the accurate online measurement of biogas flowrate, the air dosing unit accordingly adding a pre-set amount of air into the bio-tower. Depending on the average H2S in the biogas, an air-dosing ratio can be choose between 4-8% v/v. The expected H2S removal rate can be 85 to 98% by the primary treatment. The bio-tower can be made of HDPE, FRP or 316 stainless steel. Plastic media is filled inside the bio-tower for the growth of active biomass. Essential nutrients for the growth of the biomass is supplied by intermittent spray the nutrient solution or final effluent.

2. Iron Sponge Dry Scrubbing, Secondary Removal

Biogas dry scrubbing media can be called H2S dry scrubber media, iron sponge, iron oxide pellets, or ferric oxide pellets. At the moment, we can offer ferric oxide desulfurizer for Hydrogen Sulfide H2S removal from biogas. These media has a high active content of ferric oxide Fe2O3, up to 60% w/w.

1) Biogas Desulfurizer, Pellets type, containing active Ferric Oxide, used to clean biogas in H2S Scrubbers. We can also supply or help you to design the dry scrubber.

2) Power type Ferric Oxide Desulfurizer, used to clean biogas by direct feeding or mixing with feeding material into anaerobic digester.

3) Biogas Desulfurizer, Powder type, containing active Ferric Oxide, used to remove H2S from biogas by direct feeding or mixing with feeding material into anaerobic digester.