Odour Control

Ozone Oxidation
Ozone (O3) gas is injected to the gas stream, and Ozone is quickly reacted to oxidize H2S, Amiens, VOCs.

Highly efficient and Reliable Ozone Generator, supplied by CNP Water

Spray Scrubber
Counter-current spray scrubber with water or chemical scrubbing solution.

Odour control counter-current spray scrubber, design/made in France by CNP Water’s supplier.

Optional woodchip biofilter is used to remove H2S, Ammonia, and VOCs.

Modular Woodchip Biofilter for Odour Treatment, design/made in France by CNP Water’s supplier.

Carbon Filter
Carbon filter is used to final polish the residual odourous compounds.

Odour Treatment with Biofilter & Carbon Filter for Polishing, installed in Co. Cork, Ireland by CNP Water